“But that worked yesterday!” or, why you should test with utPLSQL

Automated self-tests are a fundamental part of application- and web-development
nowadays, even to the point where one can’t imagine modern software development
without them. Yet they are still surprisingly uncommon in the database.
This article shows how easy it is to start developing self-tests in Oracle with utPLSQL
version 3 and what benefits these tests will bring to your project
and your software.

Improving Tech with Compassionate Coding

There is a lot of suffering in tech and we can witness it on several levels every day – from flaws in our little tech helpers to the usage of derogative language towards others and ourselves.

Learn about a new movement in software development called Compassionate Coding and how you can use this human-centered, agile development approach to improve the quality of your own life and the life of people around you, to create better products and software and make them serve the people.

I’m a speaker at DOAG 2018!

I am very happy and grateful to announce that I will be speaking at this year’s German Oracle user conference (DOAG 2018). It’s my very first experience as a conference speaker (even my experiences as conference visitor are quite limited) and although there is some tension it’s really a dream Read more…