Since I was a child I always loved to tell stories, to entertain people, to share my knowledge, and to act and perform.

But it took a pretty long time until I realized that presenting at conferences or meetups is or can be – at least for me and in the way I do it – nothing else than story-telling and acting in a professional work-setting.

Since I did my first public talk at DOAG 2018 I’ve spoken at several usergroup meetups and conferences – and I have always enjoyed it!

Entertainment is always part of the Goal

First of all, Tech-Talks are about teaching. People attending a talk at a conference or during a meetup usually expect to learn something.

My goal, in all of my talks, is to teach something in an entertaining way. This has a number of reasons, for example, because we human beings learn a lot easier when our brains are engaged, and entertainment does engage our brains so that things might stick better. Adding some fun to my talks also has the benefit that even if people can’t connect to the topic I’m presenting, I want them at least to have a good time (that might not always work, but it’s the best bet I can do).

Last but not least, the vast majority of talks I do are without compensation. I often do it for free, do the (extensive) preparation in my free time, so I want the talk to be fun for me, too. Adding special effects, talking plush animals and all kinds of shenanigans to my presentations is something that brings me enormous joy.

Here are some impressions of how my talks might look like:

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Upcoming Talks

Talks I’ve done


🇬🇧 Don’t go Breaking my Code (Keynote-Musical)

🇬🇧 Meeting Facilitation – dealing with the uncomfortable (Full day tutorial)

🇬🇧 Code Reading for Testers ▶️

🇬🇧 Workshop: Meeting facilitation – from ok to great

🇬🇧 Testing in the Imperial Database 📖▶️

🇬🇧 Panel discussion: Become a public speaker – with a little help from friends




🇩🇪 Continuous Improvement der Todesstern-Datenbank
Frankfurter IT-Tage, December 10th, 13:00 CET

🇦🇺 But that worked yesterday! Testing with utPLSQL
AUSOUG Virtual Connect, November 10th, 5:30am CET

🇩🇪 Stabil unterwegs – Automatisierte Tests in der Oracle Datenbank (2-Tage Workshop)
DOAG Expertenseminar (Online)

🇬🇧 It works, but it hasn’t been tested – Panel Discussion
Oracle Groundbreakers EMEA Tour (Online)

🇬🇧 But that worked yesterday! Testing with utPLSQL
Oracle Groundbreakers EMEA Tour (Online)

🇬🇧 Continuous Improvement of the Death Star Database ▶️
AccentoDev (Online)

🇬🇧 “We ain’t Got No Time!” – Pragmatic testing with utPLSQL

🇩🇪 Test-Driven PL/SQL: Ein pragmatischer Einstieg mit utPLSQL ▶️
DOAG Webinar

🇩🇪 “Wir haben doch keine Zeit!” – Pragmatisch testen mit utPLSQL
APEX-Meetup Frankfurt (Online)


🇩🇪 “Wir haben doch keine Zeit!” – Pragmatisch testen mit utPLSQL
DOAG Konferenz + Ausstellung

🇩🇪 Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Hacker – PL/SQL Security
DOAG Konferenz + Ausstellung

🇩🇪 “Aber das hat gestern noch funktioniert!” – Testing mit utPLSQL

  • Apex Connect
  • DOAG Regio Karlsruhe
  • APEX-Meetup Stuttgart
  • APEX-Meetup NRW
  • APEX-Meetup Dresden

🇬🇧 Improving Tech with Compassionate Coding (Lightning Talk)
Apex Connect


🇩🇪 “Aber das hat gestern noch funktioniert!” – Testing mit utPLSQL
DOAG Konferenz + Ausstellung