Hi, I’m Developer Sam and this is my public online-space. I write mainly about software development with a focus on testable database development and code quality, but am not limiting myself to these topics, because I’m a whole person.

Latest Blog Posts

After 171 Days – What is Quality Engineering Consulting?

It's been more than 5 months since I started at Quality Minds and shifted from working as a software developer to a quality engineering consultant. I thought I would soon be doing a lot of test automation, using Cypress or Playwright, but instead of that, something totally different happened

Test Knowledge for Developers: Test Types

There is a vast amount of different terms to describe tests, and especially developers can easily struggle with their specific meaning or what the term tries to emphasize. In this post I try to give an overview about different aspects that are used to categorize and describe tests as a tool to improve one of most effective, frightening and impactful actions in software development: Talking to each other.

Order To The Chaos – with PL/SQL Collections

PL/SQL provides three different types of collections to hold multiple items of data. They all come with different capabilities and limitations and since these are hard to remember, I provide a condensed showcase of the different collection types in one single code example.