Hi, I’m Developer Sam and this is my public online-space. I write mainly about software development with a focus on testable database development and code quality, but am not limiting myself to these topics, because I’m a whole person.

Latest Blog Posts

Order To The Chaos – with PL/SQL Collections

PL/SQL provides three different types of collections to hold multiple items of data. They all come with different capabilities and limitations and since these are hard to remember, I provide a condensed showcase of the different collection types in one single code example.

Deeply Nested XML and JSON with SQL

I already wrote about how much I like the XML generating capabilities of modern SQL, but most examples come only with one or two levels of depth. What if you want to create deeply nested XML and JSON directly from SQL?

XML-Generation in SQL with Namespaces

One of my favorite features of (Oracle-)SQL is how easy it is to turn relational data into other data formats like JSON or XML. But what if you need to add a namespace to some of the nodes in your generated XML? I struggled with that until I made a realization about the nature of the xlmns part in XML.