As a preparation for an upcoming workshop, I had to setup an Oracle instance with utPLSQL for demos and testing purposes.

With today’s possibilities of running an Oracle 21c in a container (thank you Gerald Venzl) and great utPLSQL installation scripts (thank you Jacek Gebal), it was a way simpler task than I expected.

I thought I’d share it with the public (and also with my future self).

Step 1: Get the official OracleXE docker/podman image

from the docker hub.

docker run -d -p 1521:1521 -e ORACLE_PASSWORD=install --name my_utplsql gvenzl/oracle-xe

This might take a while the first time you’re doing it, because the image has to be downloaded.

Step 2: Log into your container as root and install git

To easily download the latest utPLSQL release, we need git – which is not part of the slim oracle-linux image the OracleXE image is based upon.

docker exec -it -u root my_utplsql bash

microdnf update
microdnf install git

Step 3: Install utPLSQL with headless option

The quickest way to install utPLSQL is with the headless installscript, which needs higher privileges to run and installs the framework to user ut3, granting API-access to public.

docker exec -it -u oracle my_utplsql bash

git clone --depth 1

# Change into the repository directory
cd utPLSQL

# Fetch and checkout latest release - at the time of this post it's 3.1.14
git fetch --depth 1 origin tag v3.1.14 && git checkout v3.1.14

cd source

sqlplus / as sysdba @install_headless.sql

And that’s it! Enjoy!

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